Will a bright light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on bats?

Many people are looking for ways to keep bats away from their homes. These animals are scary to many, and the fact that they travel in such large colonies makes them a creature that no one wants near their home. Keeping them away from your home becomes a real priority.

To accomplish this many seek to use large flood lights outside or to try high pitched deterrent machines to keep these animals away. The truth is that these are nothing more than money hogs that do nothing to keep bats away. If you have ever encountered a group of bats before, then you are aware that they emit a high pitched shriek of their own. Therefore high pitch machines are doing nothing more than emitting a kind of sound that these creatures are already used to.

In addition, these sound machines have such a limited range of effectiveness. The sound wave gets less effective with each passing foot, and so it may not even really reach the bats if they are more than 20 or 30 feet from the machine. Plus you have to consider that this may annoy your dog or cat. You may do nothing more than make your dog run away.

Others turn to bright lights, like flood lights, to get the bats to stay away. While bats prefer pitch dark, it does not mean that they will not go in bright light to find food or a place to find shelter. In fact, if you have ever been to a stadium at night in the southern United States you may even see a bat swooping around the lights of the stadium during games. If they are not afraid of these huge stadium lights, why would you think that they are afraid of a big light on your home?

A bat will likely not stay in the light for very long, but they are not really scared off by the light. The fact is that bats do most of their hunting by use of an echolocation system they have in their heads. This means that they are tracking the sonar-like waves that they emit, and therefore don’t really care as much about light. They only want to stay out the light because it makes them more vulnerable to predators, but it does not stop them from being able to live and find prosperity. These two ideas may seem like good ones, but neither really works in keeping the bats away.

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