How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove bats without trapping them

Bats are not something that anyone wants in their home. Besides the fact that they carry disease and parasites, these animals simply hang from ceilings and let their waste drop while they sleep. This can mean that the floor of your home in the attic can be covered in bat feces and waste. Since the parasites and bacteria are released in the waste this means that these diseases can become a permanent part of your home, looking to colonize and create havoc in your home.

Clearly this is something you want out of your house, but you probably don’t want to have to try to trap these creatures and release them somewhere else. First of all, who wants a cage full of bats they have to carry somewhere else? Secondly, there could be 20 or 30 bats living in your attic or more. These animals live in a colony, so catching a large number like that may not even be feasible.

This is why one of the most commonly used devices to keeping bats from regaining access to you home is by using a one-way exclusion funnel. This is the perfect device to allow the bat to get out, but not get back in.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that there are not multiple entry points. If so, you will need to seal all but one or two. You don’t want to use this device and then the bats find some other way to get back into your home. You need to make sure you deny them access. Ensure that you look for all cracks, loose boards and areas where there is a gap. These are small creatures, so they do not need much to be able to get in.

Once you have narrowed it down to just one or two entryways, put a one0-way exclusion funnel over each entryway and attach it firmly. This is a funnel looking device that allows the bat to move down the pathway and get out, but once it gets outside the hole closes and the bats cannot get back in. Your home becomes yours again and they are permanently kept out.

Now comes the fun part of cleaning up whatever mess they have made, but at least you can be 99 percent sure that they are not getting back in again. Once they have been removed you will want to make sure you seal the other entryway(s).

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