Is bat feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

If you are a fan of Ace Ventura Pet Detective, then you are aware that bat feces is also called guano. This is a fecal matter that looks much like rat droppings, but when touched turns into a powdery substance. The problem for humans is that this should never be touched. Bat droppings are very dangerous because of the fact that they do change to a powder so quickly, and this can cause serious issues.

When the droppings change, the fecal material then becomes airborne. This means that disease and parasites that are in the feces also become airborne at that point. When you breathe this in you are subjecting yourself to the many illnesses that bats carry and can easily become sick. This is what makes the droppings so dangerous.

Bat droppings carry a series of parasites that can cause severe respiratory problems. This includes such things as Histoplasmosis, a disease that contaminates the lungs and, if not treated right away, will cause permanent damage to the respiratory system and even death.

The problem with bat droppings is that the parasites inside the droppings can do more than just damage your lungs. Histoplasmosis, for example, can cause permanent damage to the walls, ceiling, and insulation of your home. The parasites continue to thrive outside of the bat and will not only leave an unsafe environment for you to live in, because breathing in your home will become a risk, but they will also cause a permanent odor that can make your home near uninhabitable.

It is for these reasons that you must be quite careful when you are cleaning up the droppings. You should always wear a protective mask and have all of the exposed parts of your skin covered. This includes protecting your eyes with goggles, and your mouth and nose with a hospital mask. You simply cannot afford to give access to your airway to this illness.

Also make sure that you have on thick gloves that can be disposed of when you are finished. The bat droppings will contain parasites that will become dangerous to touch as well. These parasites will attempt to burrow into your skin, and this is why it is important to wear thick gloves, as well as to have your arms, legs, and the remainder of your body covered. All materials that are worn should be thrown away or immediately washed in bleach after you perform the cleaning to ensure that the parasites do not contaminate the rest of your laundry.

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