Will a pest control company remove a bat

One of the scariest things that can happen to any homeowner is to find that you have a colony of bats living in your home. Even one can make your dream home into a nightmare, simply because they are such vile creatures that carry disease and parasites that can be a real danger to your home. They have to go if they are in your home and it is understandable why you would want them out.

Getting them out can be a real challenge however. You can take action to do this on your own, like using repellants or scare tactics, but these are not always effective, and their effectiveness can be spotty at best. They may get rid of a lot of bats or even most of them, but you may find some lingerers around that need a little more coaxing to get out of your home.

As a result of this problem many contact pest control companies to try to get rid of their bat problem. This seems like a great idea, especially if you find one that has professional services related to bat removal. First understand that not every pest control company is going to be able to do the job. Catching rats or cock roaches is a lot different than a bat, and you don’t want someone who is not trained in this kind of work. Check that out first.

Also find out what methods they use to remove bats from your home. If it is simply a matter of using poisons then it is time for you to look elsewhere. Poisons can have a lot more detrimental effects than you may think. Consider that since bats are flying creatures that live on the ceiling of your attic, the primary means to kill them is by poisoning bait or by releasing a gas into the attic or shed that will poison them. This may mean that your pets or even your family may become sick from this, putting them at risk.

You want to make sure that the company you hire has the capability and skill to capture and remove the bats. While they may be exterminated later, you want to make sure they are taken out of the home before your home is further endangered. This simply makes sense to protect the health of you, your family, and your pets while also removing these rodents from your home. A thorough check is required before you hire anyone.

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