Do bats make good pets?

As kids we all liked to be the one who saved the animals. We found a bird that was hurt or lost from its mother and we took it home to care for it. We found a stray cat or dog and went home with it in our arms and begged our mom and dad to let us keep it. It is just the way that most of us choose to be.

There are also those who go a little too far with their affection for animals and want to look after wild animals that they may find. They want to take in that sick or injured raccoon, possum, or even a bat, and care for it, nursing it back to health. It just seems like the natural thing to do.

Many then decide if they can care for the animal then why not keep it as some kind of pet? It just makes sense. This animal must “love” its new owner. Why wouldn’t it make the ideal pet? The reality is that maybe, and I do mean maybe you can care for a squirrel or possibly even a raccoon, keep it in a cage, and somewhere domesticate it. That is a big maybe, but there are some animals that you should never try to turn into a pet. Chief among those is the bat.

Consider that wild animals are wild for a reason. They are panicky when caged or when around people and this will frequently cause them to last out. This can mean that they will attack at the first provocation, and it doesn’t take much to get them provoked. A bat is even more dangerous than many other wild animals because it can fly. You can be doing all things right, but if it escapes inside your home, and it doesn’t take much for it to be able to do that, it can easy get around and attack at any moment. This puts you, your family, and your pets in danger.

You have to also consider that many bats carry diseases and parasites with them. This means that they can be dangerous to your health even if they do not attack. The feces of these animals can easily become airborne simply by touching it. The feces turn into a powder when touched, which instantly becomes airborne. When breathe in this can cause severe respiratory ailments which can lead to prolonged health issues and even death. This is why a bat is never a good pet.

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