Should I ever poison a bat?

We are a quick fix society. We are hungry so we eat fast food or microwave something. The movie we want to watch is not on so we stream it on the internet. We can’t find a date so we go online and join some dating website. We like things quick and easy.

This is why the choice of poison to get rid of pests and animals that we do not want around our home becomes such an easy choice for so many. Lay out some poison and you can kill off that pesky rat, raccoon, or even bat. It seems like the very best solution.

The question to ask yourself is if this is really the best option you can take. Is putting some poison out in some kind of food that the bats will eat and then die really the best thing you can do to rid yourself of these critters? Truthfully the answer is no.

Let’s just start with the most obvious problem you will encounter. Leaving out some kind of food for the bats to eat that is laced with poison is not going to just poison bats. Other animals are going to get into this and that may be your pet. You may find that by trying to kill the bat that you killed your dog or cat as well. That is not the option you want at all.

Also consider that there may be 40 or 50 bats living in a colony in or near your home. For you to leave out enough food for all of those bats to eat the tainted meat and die you can be sure that other animals will get into it. This is a terrible option that will inevitably lead to death and for more than just the bats.

Also consider the effects of having this bait out for any duration of time. It is going to bring bacteria and other problems, and so now instead of just having bats you have illness and parasites, flies and maggots all around your home. Your one problem becomes three or four. Next ask yourself what you will do once the bats are dead. If there are 40 or 5o you will have bats all over your yard, attic, or shed, or all three. This will make your home like some graveyard. Now if your pets eat those dead bats, they can still become sick and die. This makes this so that poison is simply not the option.

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