Should I hire a pro, or remove bats myself?

There are many people out there who like to resolve problems in their home on their own. They can fix a leaky pipe, replace a damaged door, repair a broken stove, or reseal an outside siding piece that has come loose. Many are just that gifted to be able to do the things they need to so that their home is kept as beautiful as possible.

There are some that also think they are the Crocodile Hunter. If a wild animal comes onto their property they have no concern about taking measures to remove the animal and keep it away. They think they can handle the problem and most often they are right. You can remove squirrels, raccoons, and possums without any outside assistance.

But, what about a bat? It seems that the same plans you may use to get a squirrel to go away you could also use to get rid of a bat. That would seem logical, but let’s examine to see if it is.

There are ways that you can rid yourself of a bat. This is a lot easier if they are in a space that does not pose an immediate danger to anyone in your home, like in your attic or shed. While the attic is obviously not idea, it is also preferred in some ways. This is a lot better than them being directly in your bedroom or kitchen.

In areas like this there are things you can do to scare them away without actually coming in contact with them. This is best accomplished by using a one-way funnel trap that allows the bats to get out of the house, but not get back in. First check sure that all entryways into your home but one or two are sealed and then place these funnels over the remaining one or two. You then shine a very bright light into your shed or attic and make a lot of noise while it is reaching dusk. The bats will fly away and not return because the one-way funnel door will not allow them to get back in.

If you find that the bat has gotten into your home or it is acting in a way that makes you believe that it may sick, you may want to seek professional help to resolve this problem. You don’t want to get bit by the bat in your home, and a sick bat may turn on you without notice. This requires that you choose safety first.

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