Will repellents get a bat out of the attic? (none work well)

A bat in your attic can be a real nightmare. Not only do these creatures leave their waste all over, they are carriers of many parasites and diseases that can pose a risk to you and your family. Not to mention that they can be quite terrifying to your children and can harm your pets. They need to go for sure.

To try to combat the problem of the bats in the attic, many turn to commercial or homemade repellants to get these animals out. These are specially designed products that promise to flush out the bats and keep them from coming back. Sounds like a great idea, but the truth is that these are not very reliable in and of themselves. Let us explain.

While they may have some effect, consider that bats are flying, mobile creatures that can avoid a place if they don’t like it. To make the repellant work you would have to literally douse your attic in the stuff so that the bat would have nowhere to land. That may pose more problems than it is worth, and can cause damage to your home. This is obviously not a solution.

However, the repellant can be effective if used with other methods to remove the bat. For example, many turn to using high powered lights to scare the bats out of the attic in the first place. Waiting until dusk, a person turns on the lights and the bats flee. Because these are nocturnal creatures and cannot see well at all during the day, these creatures will flee from the home toward the dusk sky.

Once they are out you can put some repellant in areas where a bat or two may have decided to stay. The angles of some homes make it so that there may still be some dark spots in which to hide, and putting repellant in those specific areas may be the trick to getting them to flee.

Once they are out, repellant is not the only thing that will successfully keep them away. You must also ensure that the entryways that they were using are securely closed and that they cannot find an easy access back in. Make sure that you seal cracks and holes, nail loose boards tight, and close gaps around ventilation areas. This should keep them from coming back. Put some repellant along these former entryways to provide added protection to your home.

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