What are some of the symptoms of a sick bat?

Bats are the carriers of many illnesses that are a danger to human beings. Illnesses such as rabies are commonly found in bats, and therefore they should be avoided if at all possible.

Of course, like any other animal, bats can get sick at times as well. When that happens they are even more dangerous because what they are ill from can actually cause you to become sick as well. This makes avoiding a bat when it is sick to be one of the most important things you can do.

But how would you know if a bat is ill? That is a good question, and one you may be able to answer without even realizing it. It just takes a little common sense on your part. Let’s start with the most obvious things first. A bat is a nocturnal animal that can fly. When you see things that seem in opposition to this, then this is where you should start to think that the bat is sick. A bat that is out in the day time is a nearly sure sign that something is wrong with the critter. Bats cannot see well at all, and so being out in the daytime makes them a sitting duck for predators. If they are out it is likely they are sick.

In addition, if you see that a bat is unable to fly that means it is either hurt or sick. In either case you should avoid this creature at all costs. If you notice that its flying pattern seems quite erratic or that the bat is running into things, this likely means that it is sick. In many cases the bat loses its sense of direction and its echolocation mechanism when it is ill and so this will send it flying into things.

Bats are usually not openly aggressive toward humans or other large animals unless there is something wrong. If you find that a bat is swooping around you or your pets, and maybe even attempting to attack them, then you may very well have a sick bat. Be prepared to protect yourself and your pets, and get inside if you can.

If you are close enough to the bat to see (and hopefully you are not) you may notice discharge around the mouth. This is usually a sign of something serious like rabies and you need to get away as fast as possible. It is for your safety to do so.

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