How to get bats out of a wall

So you are sound asleep one night when all of a sudden you hear it. A bunch of rustling and maybe even some high pitched screeching going on. In no time at all you realize that the unthinkable is true. You have bats in the walls of your home. Could there be anything worse than this?

The problem is that this is not an easy solution to get rid of them. Bats travel in colonies, so if you have one bat in your walls you likely have 10 others as well. You could actually have as many as 100 depending upon what kind of bat you have. This makes your task a lot more daunting.

Many “professionals” propose cutting the wall open and performing different tasks to scare them away, but let’s examine this idea for a moment. If you open up your wall what will keep the bats from simply flying into your home and setting up shop inside your home? Now, instead of having 30 bats in the walls you have 3o bats in your living room. If that sounds like a stupid idea, it is because it is.

There are really two options you have at your disposal. The first of these is the one-way exclusion funnel. This funnel is attached to the outside of the home where the bats are coming in and out through a hole, gap or loose board. The bat goes down the funnel as it leaves your home and goes out the whole. The door closes and then it cannot get back in.

Eventually every bat will go out of this funnel to get food or other things it needs and they will not be able to get back in. After they are all out you close up the gap and they are out for good. A great solution. It may be a great solution, but it does not mean it is a quick one. This can take some time to get them all to leave. If this is the case then your only real option is to hire a professional to do the job. These men and women are trained to safely capture bats so that they do not get into your home, while also getting them out of your walls quickly and safely. This will solve your problem without you having to do much more than pick up the phone and write out a check. It may not be an expense you want to pay for, but you surely do not want bats in your home either.

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